Systematics and Paleobiogeographic Patterns

1 - 7 August 2017
Mahasarakham, THAILAND

The Palaeontological Research and Education Centre in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of Mahasarakham University (Thailand), the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France), and the Natural History Museum of Geneva (Switzerland) are pleased to announce and host the 7th INTERNATIONAL MEETING ON MESOZOIC FISHES. The meeting is dedicated to reflect the progress in Mesozoic fish research that has been accomplished in the past 25 years since the first meeting in 1993, to discuss old and new methodologies, and to present novel information about the evolution, diversification, and the palaeobiogeography of fishes during the Mesozoic.

Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation please prepares your slides corresponding to the screen proportion at 9:16 and uploads them to our computer before your Oral session. Each presentation will be allotted 25 minutes (20 minutes for a talk and 5 minutes for questions).

Poster Presentations

Poster have to be A0 (841 x 1189 mm), portrait orientation, and in English. Please bring your poster to the Poster Session by coffee break, August 1st. Student and staffs will help you set your poster up.


09.00-20.00 Shuttle service for participants from Khon Kaen Airport
16.00-20.00 Ice-breaker party and Registration at Palaeontological Research and Education Centre, Mahasarakham University
09.00-09.30 Registration at Fourth floor – Computer Centre B412

Introduction to the conference by Dr. Varavudh Suteethorn PRC director
Opening speech by Prof. Sampan Rittidech MSU president
Group photograph

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
Session 1
11.00-11.30 Thai Fossil Fishes and Geology of Thailand
Romain Liard, Lionel Cavin, Gilles Cuny, Uthumporn Deesri & Varavudh Suteethorn
11.30-12.00 New data on Cretaceous freshwater hybodont sharks from Guangxi Province, South China
Gilles Cuny, Jinyou Mo, Romain Amiot, Eric Buffetaut, Suravech Suteethorn, Varavudh Suteethorn & Haiyan Tong
12.00-13.00 LUNCH BREAK
13.00-14.00 MSU Site seeing by shuttle bus
Session 2
Chairperson: Gilles Cuny
14.00-14.30 The Late Cretaceous chondrichthyan fauna of the Elbtal Group (Saxony, Germany)
Jan Fischer, Ilja Kogan, Evgeny Popov, Nadine Janetschke & Martin Licht
14.30-15.00 First hybodont shark assemblage from the Cretaceous of Malaysia: Updated report
Yu He Teng, Masatoshi Sone, Ren Hirayama, Masataka Yoshida, Toshifumi Komatsu, Suchada Khamha & Gilles Cuny
15.00-15.30 Revision of the fossil batomorphs from the Cretaceous of Lebanon, and their impact on our understanding of the early step of the evolution of the clade
Georges Kachacha, Gilles Cuny, Dany Azar & Pierre Abi Saad
15.30-16.00 COFFEE BREAK
16.00-16.30 A comparison between the fossil fish faunas from the Talbragar Fossil Fish Bed near Gulgong, NSW and the Koonwarra Fossil Bed, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia: Upper Jurassic vs Lower Cretaceous times
Lynne Bean
16.30-16.35 Presentation of the shark-references project
Gilles Cuny
16.35-18.00 POSTER SESSION
Fourth floor – Computer Centre B412
18.30-21.00 DINNER
MSU’s Traditional Museum
Session 3
Chairperson: Anne Kemp
09.00-09.30 Diversity of Cretaceous continental actinopterygians from Argentina, South America
P. Guillermina Giordano
09.30-10.00 Systematic revision of the Cretaceous actinopterygian fauna from Bernissart, Belgium
Sébastien Olive, Louis Taverne, Adriana López-Arbarello, Lionel Cavin & Uthumporn Deesri
10.00-10.30 COFFEE BREAK
Chairperson: Andrea Tintori
10.30-11.00 Taxic diversity and ecology of Mesozoic bony fish assemblages from the Khorat Group, NE Thailand
Uthumporn Deesri, Kamonlak Wongko & Lionel Cavin
11.00-11.30 New advances on Triassic marine fossil fishes of South China
Zuoyu Sun
11.30-12.00 250 million years of freshwater fish biogeography: vicariance or dispersal?
Lionel Cavin
12.00-13.00 LUNCH BREAK
13.00-14.00 Visit of the Center of Excellence for Silk Innovation/ The Mollusk and Natural Medicinal Mushroom Museums
Session 4
Chairperson: Paulo M. Brito
14.00-14.30 40 years of field work in the Triassic marine vertebrate sites
Andrea Tintori
14.30-15.00 A new specimen of (Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii) from the Longobardian (Ladinian, Middle Triassic) of Xingyi, Guizhou, South China
Peigang Ni, Andrea Tintori, Sun Zuoyu & Jiang Dayong
15.00-15.30 COFFEE BREAK
Chairperson: Yoshitaka Yabumoto
15.30-16.00 The invention of fast-start predation: hydrodynamics of the predator-prey interaction in Triassic saurichthyids (Actinopterygii, ‘Palaeopterygii’)
Ilja Kogan
16.00-16.30 Triassic actinopterygians across Tethys: state of the art
Tintori Andrea, Da-Yong Jiang, Cristina Lombardo &Zuo-Yu Sun
16.30-18.00 POSTER SESSION
18.30-21.00 Dinner
Session 5
Chairperson: Jan Fischer
09.00-09.30 New information about Late Cretaceous pycnodont fishes (Actinoptergyii, Pycnodontiformes) from the Near East
John Cawley & Jürgen Kriwet
09.30-10.00 Exceptional fossils from China highlight the origin and early diversification of ionoscopiform halecomorphs
Xin-Ying Ma & Guang-Hui Xu
10.00-10.30 COFFEE BREAK
Chairperson: Lionel Cavin
10.30-11.00 Taxonomic revision of Su, 1959 (Halecomorphi, Holostei) from the Middle Triassic (Ladinian) of Guizhou and Yunnan, China
Guang-Hui Xu & Xin-Ying Ma
11.00-11.30 New light on the paleobiogeography of the labyrinth fishes
Feixiang Wu, Dekui He, Mee-mann Chang & Desui Miao
11.30-12.00 Danian teleosteans of the North Atlantic Region – compared with the Maastrichtian
Niels Bonde & Maria E. C. Leal
12.00-13.00 LUNCH BREAK
Session 6
Chairperson: Zuoyu Sun
13.00-13.30 Mesozoic clupeomorphs of North Africa: diversity and phylogeny
Bouziane Khalloufi, Didier Dutheil, Paulo Brito, Théo Mora & René Zaragüeta Bagils
13.30-14.00 New data on ichthyofauna from the Lower Triassic of Northern Siberia
Eugenia Sytchevskaya et al.
14.00-14.30 Coelacanths from the Middle Triassic of Switzerland and the pace of actinistian evolution
Christophe Ferrante, Rossana Martini, Heinz Furrer & Lionel Cavin
14.30-15.00 COFFEE BREAK
Chairperson: Bouziane Khalloufi
15.00-15.30 The homology among extant and fossil coelacanth lungs
Camila Cupello
16.00-16.30 Living animals for comparison in studies of Mesozoic fossils
Anne Kemp
MSU’s Traditional Museum
09.00-10.30 Traveling to Sirindhorn Museum
10.30-14.00 Visit the Sirindhorn Museum
12.00-13.00 LUNCH TIME
14.00-15.00 Visit temple at Phu Khao, Kalasin Province
15.00-16.30 Back to Mahasarakham
18.00-20.00 DINNER

Poster Presentations

1. The aspidorhynchid in the Jurassic of Mexico
Brito Paulo
2. Possible sexual dimorphism in (Neopterygii, pycnodontiformes) from the Cenomanian, Hagel, Lebanon
Cawley John & Jürgen Kriwet
3. A review of Mawsonia from the Ilhas Group, Marfim Formation (? Late Hauterivian), Recôncavo Basin
Cupello, Camila, Léo G. C. Fragoso, and Paulo M. Brito
4. A new Pycnodontid (Actinopterygii) in the late Jurassic of the Solnhofen Archipelago
Ebert Martin, Martina Kölbl-Ebert & Christian Schulbert
5. New Cretaceous lungfish material from southern South America, Argentina
Giordano P. Guillermina, Soledad Gouiric-Cavalli & Leonardo Filippi
6. Late Mesozoic marine Antarctic fishes: future perspectives based on the newly collections recovered in the Ameghino and López de Bertodano formation
Gouiric-Cavalli Soledad, Leonel Acosta Burllaile, Ari Iglesias, Juan J. Moly, José P. O´Gorman, Marcelo Reguero, Sergio Santillana, Marianella Talevi, Carolina Vieytes, Mauricio A. Bigurrarena Ojeda & Jorge Lusky
7. Revision of the fossil batomorphs from the Cretaceous of Lebanon, and their impact on our understanding of the early step of the evolution of the clade
Kachacha Georges, Gilles Cuny, Dany Azar & Pierre Abi Saad
8. Origin and Diversification of the Otophysi clade during the Mesozoic: a case of mosaic evolution?
Mayrinck Diogo, Paulo M. Brito, Jesus Alvarado-Ortega & Olga Otero
9. A new specimen of (Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii) from the Longobardian (Ladinian, Middle Triassic) of Xingyi, Guizhou, South China
Ni, Pei-Gang
10. New Materials of Ctenopharyngodon fossils and its distribution pattern
Su Ruifeng & Mee-Mann Chang
11. Ptycholepidid fishes of central Asia
Sytchevskaya, Eugenia
12. X-ray phase technology shed new light on Weberian apparatus evolution: context and aim of the case study of † (otophysi, incertae sedis)
Tristan Martial, Diogo Mayrinck, Renaud Boistel & Olga Otero
13. Comparative study between Su, 1959 and (Liu in Liu et al., 2003) from Zhuganpo Member (Ladinian, Middle Triassic) of Falang Formation, Xingyi, Guizhou Province, China
Xin, Yu
14. An Upper Cretaceous ichthyodectiform fish from Kyushu, Japan
Yositaka Yabumoto, Paulo M. Brito & Koji Hirose


08.00-12.00 Traveling to Amnat Charoen Province
12.00-13.00 LUNCH TIME
13.00-15.00 Traveling to Khok Pha Suam locality
Si Mueang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani Province
15.00-16.30 Visit Khok Pha Suam locality
Si Mueang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani Province
16.30-21.00 Departure to hotel and have dinner
Khong Chiam, Ubon Ratchathani Province
08.00-09.00 Visit of a fish market
09.00-10.00 Visit of the two colors river
10.00-10.30 Travel to Pha Taem National Park
11.00-12.00 Visit of Pha Taem National Park
12.00-13.00 LUNCH TIME
Khemarat District, Ubon Ratchathani Province
13.00-15.00 Travel to Phu Pha Thoep National Park
15.00-16.30 Visit of Phu Pha Thoep National Park
16.30-18.00 Travel to hotel in Mukdahan Province
18.00-21.00 DINNER
08.00-09.30 Travel to Phu Din Daeng locality
NaKae District, Nakhorn Phanom Province
09.30-12.00 Visit of Phu Din Daeng locality
NaKae District, Nakhorn Phanom Province
12.00-13.00 LUNCH TIME
13.00-15.30 Travel to Phu Noi locality
Kham Muang District, Kalasin Province
15.30-17.00 Visit of Phu Noi locality
Kham Muang District, Kalasin Province
17.00-18.30 Travel to hotel in Maha Sarakham
19.00-21.00 DINNER
Maha Sarakham Province
05.00-12.00 Shuttle service for participants to Khon Kaen Airport